My Master Bedroom

Okay so I love decor and interior decorating and furniture. My old home consisted of a like hard core western theme and this time in my new home I decided I would NOT do that again. My living room still has a few modern western touches, kitchen a little country chic feel And my bedroom well I want that to be my oasis. So I’m slowly working in it since this time I didn’t want to opt for a traditional bedroom set I wanted to explore my options and be creative! 

Bed: Bassett Furniture, it’s my favorite piece it’s my dream bed. Under $2,000. 

Night stands: Kirklands $229 Ea. +Spin To Win Coupon! 

Bench: TjMaxx $120

Mirror: Ross Dress For Less $30

Metal decor: (above bed) Ross $20

Quilt set: Ross under$30

White & Pink Pillows: Marshall’s $12  

Love Pillow: Tjmaxx $16

You & Me Sign: Hobby Lobby $15

Metal bells: Hobby Lobby $25 

My Master Bedroom, still not done but almost!
From Kirklands.
Beautiful bells leading into the Master Bedroom
Porcelain flooring that still hasn’t been put down yet.


My late lunch 🍤

I made myself a yummy late lunch that consisted of Salmon, brown rice & ceviche! 

Salmon: Just added lemon pepper flakes & Himalayan pink salt! That’s it and cooked it on the stove in a covered pan with olive oil for about 15-20 minutes! And it’s perfect each time I swear! 

Brown Rice: Uncle Ben’s Brown Rice just boil in water and done! Easy Peasy! 

Ceviche: I overnight prepped, cut fresh mango chunks, tiny cucumber bits, cilantro, serrano & red onion chopped up finely, and tons of Lemon juice! Pinch of salt & pepper! Stir up, than add precooked peeled shrimp that I chopped up as well! And let it marinate over night! 

Mr. G’s Gelato! 🍨

My son sees an ice cream sign and has to go so we stopped at Mr. G’s after having a meal at La Mariscana & he got the cookies and cream Gelato but I did try this awesome Mazapán flavor! And wow tasted just like a Mazapán!! Can’t wait to go back! 

Luxor Box ♥️

So like a week ago I won a giveaway for Luxor Box and it arrived today!!!!! A beautiful candle from Rose et Marius that smells so beautiful and strong I probably don’t ever have to light it!! ( But i will!) Its Rosé Wine Scented. And comes with a fancy silver candle holder cup to place it in. I also received a gorgeous black watch from Halcyon Days UK!!!!! It’s so sleek and I can’t wait to wear it!!!  

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