About Me:

I’m just a normal hispanic/latina girl from south Texas! Yes we say y’all, drink plenty of sweet tea, wear cowboy boots, eat tacos & swear a lot or a little! I’m a mom to 3 year old toddler boy that is the best thing to ever happen to me. I married my best friend, my college sweet-heart (since we didn’t date until we were in college), the guy I’ve known since we were about 14 years old! My life isn’t too boring, I love Pinterest & most of the time my husband is able to recreate my Pinterest dreams! I love traveling been to quite a few wonder places since I was very young & later was able to travel with my husband & now we bring our son along sometimes (or he stays with his grandparents whom he doesn’t see too often). I live in a border town– due to my husband’s job I have lived now in two different border towns in this great state! Del Río was the first town, small & homey & I made a few wonderful friends & got addicted to shopping at boutiques & Marshall’s since the mall was extremely limited on stores lol! Now I’m in Laredo & I absoutely love it here, I love the country-city feel & the fact that I truly hardly know anyone. See I grew up in a tiny town called Natalia where everyone knew everyone & I honestly like not being known, strange I know but I like it! We bought a beautiful home & everyday I still can’t believe it is my home because it’s all I could’ve dreamed of. It really, truly is perfect! I’m a pretty grateful person, my life is far from perfect last year I had the worst thing happen to me –a miscarriage. That was the most devastating moment in my life. But I trust in God & pray that I’ll be getting a little healthy angel soon in the future. It took me months to recover, I still feel down about it at times but I won’t ever forget it happened, mostly since it was the day before my sons birthday! I love that boy more than life itself I give him hugs and kisses daily I can’t ever seem to get enough because all I’ve ever wanted was to be a mother (imperfect body & chubby & clumsy & all). So hope you enjoy my posts & rants & struggles & joy! Also check out my Instagram, Twitter & Pinterest for additional photos & stuff!


@The Texan Mama Diaries






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